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Tegan Shelton

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Having recently passed the edTPA and obtained a Washington State secondary education teaching certification, and having worked as both a substitute teacher and SAIL (study and independent learning) teacher for the remainder of the 2015-2016 school year, I am excited at the prospect of working at Skykomish High School.

I completed my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in English Language Arts from Western Washington University with an emphasis in Literature. My practicum was completed in the Ferndale School District at Windward High School, and I ended up doing my student teaching there as well.
I learned a lot about Carol Dweck’s theory of Growth Mindset and various other theory and educational methods during my time spent at the university but I learned the most during my on-site experiences with students. As a graduate of Western Washington University and a student of Woodring, I was immediately thrust into a working environment where I was surrounded by students and encouraged to begin developing and honing my teaching skills. Luckily, I was placed at Windward High School for my practicum and allowed to begin teaching a small group of creative writing students on my own very early on. After that, I returned to Windward for my student teaching where I was immediately given the option to create my own course, Publications, and teach students how to create a high school newspaper. These experiences, along with teaching a college in the classroom course (English 101), helped build my confidence and ability to teach. Beyond that, I learned flexibility, classroom management, and differentiation.

I am thrilled at the prospect of working at a small school again. I love having the opportunity to work with a small staff and to know my students one-on-one. Small schools have special bonds and spaces within their communities and I would like to take the opportunity to focus on evolving the relationships students have formed in their own communities by branching out into the surrounding world. I would like to do this by focusing on literary experiences that dive into various cultural competencies and that are still relevant in today’s rapidly growing society.

I am well practiced in developing curriculum and lesson plans. I strive to focus on differentiation in the classroom in order to give each student the tools they need to achieve their goals. I also work to focus my lessons around current events in order to allow students an insight into how their learning also connects to the world around them. Besides differentiation and current events, I also work hard to create a community in my classroom where students are unafraid to find their voices and be themselves — this is something that I feel will work well in a small environment.

I am incredibly excited to be joining the workforce as a new teacher with big goals and I hope I can do this as teacher at Skykomish High School.